Best Sativa

  1. Schlemons

    The Source Genetics
  2. Super Silver Haze

    Life is Good
  3. Super Glue

    Vallejo Patients Care

Best Indica

  1. Zkittles

    3rd Gen Family
  2. Kosher Kush from DNA

    Greenwolf Los Angeles & Cali Kush Farms
  3. 24K OG Kush

    Strain Collective with Pearl Pharma

Best Hybrid

  1. Orange Crush

  2. Tahoe Chem

  3. Chiquita Banana

    Utopia Meds—Santa Cruz

Best Sativa Concentrate

  1. Citrix #4

    Gold Coast Collection with Apothecary 420
  2. Purple Tangie

    Zeinstein Gardens & Loudpack Extracts
  3. Double Tangie Banana

    Crockett Family Farms

Best Indica Concentrate

  1. AHHS Brand OG

    Alternative Herbal Health Services
  2. Banana OG

    Crockett Family Farms
  3. Crown OG Live Resin

    Prime Extractions

Best Hybrid Concentrate

  1. Emperors Mandarins "Shatter"

    The Kind Center with Unregistered Extracts
  2. Emperors Mandarins

    Greenwolf Collective x Cali Kush Farms
  3. Crown O.G. x Dab Vader O.G. Zombie Resin

    Crown Genetics

Best Non-Solvent Hash

  1. Kimbo Kush Cubantech Drysift

    Cubanhashqueen with Exotic Genetix
  2. Cookies & Cream Cubantech Drysift

    Exotic Genetix
  3. Peaches N Cream

    Full Flava Extracts with E.T. Extracts

Best Edibles

  1. Dark Chocolate Macaroons

    Utopia Meds
  2. Pineapple Delight Bites

    Lifted Edibles
  3. Cinnamon Maple Tree Hugger

    Om Edibles & Gold Drop Collaboration

Best Topicals

  1. Crown O.G. "It's The Balm Healing Salve"

    Crown Genetics
  2. Honey Pot Bear Butter

    Honey Pot with Pure Joy Collective
  3. Absorb CBD Topical Relief

    Absorb with The Seasonal Apothecary

Best CBD Flowers

  1. CBD OG

  2. Doctor Cookies

    Northstar Holistic Collective
  3. Sunkiss CBD

    California Growers Guild

Best CBD Concentrates

  1. Goji D.C. Live Resin

    Moxie Genetics
  2. AC/DC

  3. AC/DC

    Dankman Extrax

Best CBD Edibles

  1. Raw CBD Sipping Cacao

    Om Edibles All Female Collective
  2. Beezle's CBD Brûlée, Chocolate Orange

    Beezle Extracts
  3. CBD/THC Honey

    Baked Beez w/ The W.E.E.D. Studio City

Best Product

  1. Droid E-Nail

  2. Caviar Gold

    Caviar Gold Meds
  3. Moxie Mix


Best Glass

  1. Nexus Glass

    Nexus Glass
  2. Hitman Glass

    Hitman Glass
  3. Slugworth's Illuminati Set

    Green Acres

Best Vaporizer

  1. Delta Vape

    Delta 9 Products
  2. 710 KingPen

    710 KingPen
  3. Trippy Stix

    Trippy Stix